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Replacment License Plate Bulb for CBR250R

August 22, 2014

A simple project to replace the incandescent bulb that lights up the license plate on my CBR250R bike that keeps burning out. This light and the tail light appear to be more prone to failure, perhaps due to the more rigid connection to the bike than the other lights. I've also been wanting to try and replace lights with LEDs as there is a theory that they provide additional safety due to the fast on times.

The project is really simple, just a PCB that fits into a 168 bulb socket and powers three LEDs with a resistor in series. I want to try and see if i can even do a simple retrofit like this before I think about moving to properly driven electronics.  Just sent the boards off to get manufactured, will update once the boards get here.

Project is hosted on -git- (note, removed the file since I can't remember if this version has the fix in it)

(Edit) One thing to watch out for is the polarity of the bulb. I got this wrong and blew the ligth fuse in my bike. No big deal, but a little scary on your new bike haha.

Tags: Circuits, Lighting

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