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EmbedXcode for Arduino Development

December 31, 2013

While starting development on a project I finally got fed up with the default Arduino IDE and decided to try something new.  Apparently others have reached the same conclusion, and a few of them decided to start some wonderful projects:

Arduino Eclipse Plugin

I wasn't able to get this one working, but what I saw looked great.  Check it out at: Arduino Eclipse Plugin.


I ended up going with this system, in part becuase of the excellent support from user avenue33 on the arduino forums, and becuase my research group all uses macs and so support of Linux or Windows is not crucial.  I just thought I would share the problems I had and the solutions.  You can get embedXcode from here: embedXcode.

I have two computers, a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro, runing 10.7 and 10.9 respectively.  With 10.9, xcode 5 and arduino 1.5.5 you may find that you get a large number of errors when compiling the test project.  These errors are apparently due to the Arduino 1.5.5 IDE deciding to compile all libraries.  To change this edit the makefile with:


This will stop it from compiling everything.  EDIT: You want to not set APP_LIBS_LIST = 0, otherwise it will not compile the default libraries, or so it seems. If you are getting "not declared" errors this could be the reason.  Edit2: Instead of setting USER_LIBS_LIST = 0, add the offending libraries to the exclude list or delete them.  The exclude list can be found below the above two items.

My other problem, which admitedly was simply because I didn't read the instructions, was that I didn't run the Arduino IDE before attempting to compile.

Hope that helps someone!

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