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LegoLass goes to Ottawa

September 09, 2023

Meet LegoLass. LegoLass is one of the most famous all plastic drag queens in the world. She's got so much plastic in her that some might call her completely fake. But she's as real as it gets and she wants to share her journey to our nations capital with you.


LegoLass's journey started out a bit rough at the Museum of Nature. This place was full of many marvelous animals, however often they appeared a little too interested in her. While she's likely not going to be a tasty treat for our very distant relations she isn't too keen on time travel.

Dinos are scary

Legolass soon also learned just how much poop a dino can make. Needless to say this won't be appearing in her act anytime soon. The cost alone for so much coprolite would be a little excessive.

Dino poop is scary

Things improved soon after this when LegoLass made a friend. The sign said not to feed the Dino's but LegoLass, having never seen Jurasic Park, felt she knew better.

Don't Feed the Dinos

Thankfully these friendly herbevores were happy to give her a lift.

Dinos are Friends

Sadly the ice age was next and LegoLass had to find a new friend. Unfortunately this fellow was not interested. LegoLass was hurt but knew she'd find better friends anyways.

Mamals Snubbed LegoLass

LegoLass soon arrived at the bird cages and was amazed at the beauty of the eagles and owls. If only she had wings, she could share her message of stylish love to everyone in the land!


The actic came next and a great exhibit. They don't make algea like this anymore!


The next great creature she found was the muskox! She was getting a strange look from him however and decided to beat a hasty retreat to warmer waters.

LegoLass meets the MuskOx

In the meritime exhibit LegoLass go to see just how big the blue whales are. She's pretty confident this was not to scale but she's no expert in whale biology.

Whales are scary

That was the end of her adventures at the Museum of Nature. After many hours she was beat and headed back to her hotel for a well deserved sleep.

The next day LegoLass decided to go visit some historical buildings around Gatineau. She found this lovely early building from 1825! The oldest building in Gatineau according to a lovely tourguide!

Old House

Next up on the tour was visiting Rideay Falls, Rideau Hall, and the house of the Prime Minister! Sadely the Prime Minister was not interested in meeting celebrities that day.

Rideau Falls

Rideau Hall

Prime Ministers House

Next up on the tour list was to visit Parliament. Unfortunately like the rest of Ottawa it was under construction. Her guess is that a wild animal got loose and they had to repair the building afterwards!


Out in front of Parliament was a monument that she thought would make a great place to pose for some photo's. Sometimes LegoLass doesn't make the best choices.

LegoLass in a Canon

The last place to visit was the Supreme Court of Canada. LegoLass thinks they might not be very proud of their building since they forgot to put their name on it. But she'd stil be willing to work there, the judge's chairs fit her nicely!

Judges are scary

Finally at the end of another long day LegoLass decided to go get supper. The portion sizes here are a little out of control!

Buritoes are scary

On her last day she decided to explore Gatineau and stopped to pose in front of the lovely fountains at L'Hotel de Ville.

Fountains are scary

Sadly like all things her trip to Ottawa must come to and end. She helped herself to a truely epic sized tea on the train home.

Teas are scary

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